The Health Policy Data Science Lab is a group of interdisciplinary researchers led by Laura Hatfield and Sherri Rose focused on developing and using quantitative methods to solve problems in health policy with big data. Unique in its approach to data science, the Lab comprises scientists with varied statistical viewpoints, including frequentist and Bayesian, as well as both nonparametric and parametric modeling choices.

Similarly, our scientific areas of interest are broad, spanning trade-offs for multiple health outcomes, causal inference, methods for multiple data sources, computational health economics, comparative effectiveness research, and payment reform impact evaluation.

What unites the Lab is an emphasis on a priori-specified transparent methodological choices, sound statistical decision making, data-motivated methodology development in the area of health policy, and effective presentation of results. Check out our interview on Simply Statistics or videos of recent talks and interviews. See also "Big Data and the Future" and "Statisticians' Place in Big Data."

Employment Opportunities

HMS Postdoctoral Position: The Dean's Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard Medical School has rolling applications.

Graduate Students: Current Harvard students are welcome to contact Lab Faculty if they are interested in working with us.



The Lab holds working lunch meetings at 12:30pm in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School, 180-A Longwood Ave.

2018-2019 Meetings

August 30: Anna Zink
September 13: Austin Denteh (special time: 11AM)
October 16: Toyya Pujol-Mitchell
November 6: Alex McDowell
December 18: Maia Majumder
February 12: Alyssa Bilinski
March 19
: Data Integrity and Security
April 16
: Carrie Fry
May 21
: Therri Usher, FDA

Past Meetings