Anas El Turabi
Health Policy PhD Candidate, Harvard University

Anas is a doctoral candidate in health policy at Harvard University, concentrating in evaluative science and statistics. He is a Frank Knox Fellow and has been supported by Frank Knox Memorial and C.P. Walker Fellowships. His research work is funded by grants from the Royal College of General Practitioners and the UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Research Interests

Anas’s doctoral work uses data science to study aspects of primary care delivery, particularly continuity of care and the use of financial incentives for providers. He also undertakes work in global health, principally around the economics of infectious disease crises and global responses to pandemic risk reduction.


Anas completed his undergraduate degree in physiological sciences and his medical degree at the University of Oxford before completing an MPhil with distinction in Clinical Science (Primary Care Research) at the University of Cambridge. He is a primary care physician having completed an academic residency program at the University of Cambridge, before starting his PhD. Prior to residency, Anas worked on global health research policy at the Department of Health (England) and World Health Organisation. He has recently worked as a consultant to the National Academy of Medicine and the World Bank Group on evaluating pandemic risk and sits on the Evaluation Advisory Committee of the Ontario Brain Institute. He has previously been a member of the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research and an Honorary Research Fellow at RAND Europe.

Selected Publications

Sands, P., El Turabi, A., Saynisch, P. A., & Dzau, V. J. (2016). Assessment of economic vulnerability to infectious disease crises. Lancet, 6736(16), 1-6.

El Turabi, A. (2015). Enhanced care support at hospital discharge for older patients. NICE Eyes on Evidence, 74(July). National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

El Turabi, A., Abel, G. A., Roland, M., & Lyratzopoulos, G. (2013). Variation in reported experience of involvement in cancer treatment decision making: evidence from the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey. British Journal of Cancer, 109, 780-787.

Saunders, C. L., Abel, G. A., El Turabi, A., Ahmed, F., & Lyratzopoulos, G. (2013). Accuracy of routinely recorded ethnic group information compared with self-reported ethnicity: evidence from the English Cancer Patient Experience survey. BMJ Open, 3(6), e002882–e002882.

Gray, M., & El Turabi, A. (2012). Optimising the value of interventions for populations. British Medical Journal, 345; e6192.